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Reticulul venos

Parallel venation is also sometimes used to describe a similar pattern on an insect' s wing. What Is Reticulated Venation? Reticulated venation is one of three classifications of vein patterns found in a leaf. What Is Parallel Venation? It is not part of any muscle. Retinaculum ten´ dinum a tendinous restraining structure, such as an annular ligament. Parallel venation refers to a pattern in the veins of a leaf where the secondary veins run parallel to each other off of a central, perpendicular primary vein. Welch Allyn RetinaVue™ Network gives you the power to improve management of your patients with diabetes. In leaves with reticulated venation, veins are interconnected and form a web- like network. Reticulul venos. Authorized users only. Peroneal retinaculum, superior a fibrous band that arches over the tendons of the peroneal muscles and helps to hold them in place below and behind the lateral malleolus. All activity on this website is monitored and recorded. A retinaculum ( plural retinacula) is a band around tendons that holds them in place. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.
Its function is mostly to stabilize a tendon. When Reuniclus shake hands, a network forms between their brains, increasing their psychic power. This low- cost, turnkey solution links to board- certified specialists for quick, easy- to- perform diabetic retinal screening during a routine patient visit. Foto Face laser resurfacing Principiul laser resurfacing și al indicațiilor Foto fata procedură laser resurfacing acnee dacă doriți să eliminați puncte negre; cicatrici; ridurile profunde de pe frunte; vergeturi, reticulul venos firele de păr incarnate. Omega Ruby They use psychic power to control their arms, which are made of a special liquid.

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